Monday, September 26, 2011

The Mephisto Covenant by Trinity Faegen

Title: The Mephisto Covenant
Author: Trinity Faegen
Published: September 27, 2011 by Egmont USA
Pages: 439/Hardcover
Series: The Mephisto Covenant #1
Challenge: 2011 Debut Author Challenge
Source: NetGalley

Summary: Sasha is desperate to find out who murdered her father. When getting the answer means pledging her soul to Eryx, she unlocks a secret that puts her in grave danger—she is an Anabo, a daughter of Eve, and Eryx’s biggest threat.

A son of Hell, immortal, and bound to Earth forever, Jax looks for redemption in the Mephisto Covenant—God’s promise he will find peace in the love of an Anabo. After a thousand years, he’s finally found the girl he’s been searching for: Sasha.

With the threat of Eryx always looming, Jax knows he has to keep Sasha safe and win her over.  But can he? Will Sasha love him and give up her mortal life?

Review: The Mephisto Covenant was my kind of book. It was fast paced and a quick read with enough romance and action to hold me over til the end.

I loved that Sasha and her mom were Russian. I've always loved Russian history and the culture, so reading a little about it was nice. I also liked that there was enough back story about Sasha's family to inform me without bogging down the story. 

The beginning of the book is great! It starts right off with action. We get the back story later. Within the first chapter I found out that Sasha was an Anabo. I love it when I find things like this out in the first chapter because it means I don't have to go through chapters upon chapters of the main character acting stupid and trying to figure out what's going on. We're also introduced to Jax and his brothers which adds a bit to the mystery of what's going on.

Sasha and Jax didn't do it for me as main characters. They fell flat throughout the book and didn't really add anything to the story personality-wise. Sasha quite annoyed me at some times by going back and forth on the subject of whether or not to be with Jax.

I thought the mystery surrounding Eryx was interesting and loved that the story had a bit of a Greek mythology feel (even though it also had a Russian feel).

I was puzzled by the ending. The immediate problem was solved but after that it was very abrupt. There were a lot of loose ends that weren't tied up, and even some parts of the immediate problem weren't fully solved.

This was a fun and romantic book that was fast paced and easy to read. A definite read for paranormal fans or romance fans in general. 

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