Monday, August 29, 2011

Why I Blog + A Rant About Plagiarism

I was recently informed that one of my reviews was plagiarized by another blogger. That's the inspiration behind this post.

I wanted to give a little insight into why I blog to start. I blog about books because I love them. I love reading books and decided to start a blog FOR FUN. I think of blogging as a hobby, something to do in my free time. I don't look at it as a chore that I hate doing and put off to the last minute.

With that being said I don't see why someone would want to plagiarize another blogger's review, let alone mine. Blogging is suppose to be a fun thing, and the fact that someone has to copy someone else's hobby in order to enjoy their own is sad in my opinion. Blogging is suppose to be fun, so if you can't have fun and blog by using your own words why are you doing it?

That concludes today's rant!

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