Monday, October 25, 2010

Review: City of Glass by Cassandra Clare

(summary from goodreads)

To save her mother's life, Clary must travel to the City of Glass, the ancestral home of the Shadowhunters -- never mind that entering the city without permission is against the Law, and breaking the Law could mean death. To make things worse, she learns that Jace does not want her there, and Simon has been thrown in prison by the Shadowhunters, who are deeply suspicious of a vampire who can withstand sunlight.
As Clary uncovers more about her family's past, she finds an ally in mysterious Shadow-hunter Sebastian. With Valentine mustering the full force of his power to destroy all Shadow-hunters forever, their only chance to defeat him is to fight alongside their eternal enemies. But can Downworlders and Shadowhunters put aside their hatred to work together? While Jace realizes exactly how much he's willing to risk for Clary, can she harness her new found powers to help save the Glass City -- whatever the cost?

Review: Finally, the ending we've all been waiting on! City of Glass was no less than what I expected it to be. Which is to say it was amazing.

All of the wonderful characters were back and did a wonderful job of concluding the story. The ending was wonderful, too. All the Loose ends were tied up nicely, but not in a way that made it seem like the author was rushing to finish the book.

If you know me then you know that I'm easily irritated by unanswered questions. Thankfully, this book had none. Everything was explained and the questions of who was who were answered.

Overall , this was an amazing wonderful fantastic book, and I'm sooo excited to know that there's more coming. If you have not yet heard about it I STRONGLY encourage you to go here to learn about it.  


Jenny said...

LOVE THIS SERIES! So glad to see you enjoyed them as well. I'm really looking forward to seeing what she's going to do with the next 3 books since, as you said, there weren't a slew of unanswered questions at the end of this one. Nice review!

Ashley said...

I absolutely adore the Mortal Instruments series! Thanks for the great review!

I'm a new follower, would love it if you followed me too!


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