Thursday, April 21, 2011

I'm Free!

That's right my fine blog reading fellows! At exactly 3:10 this afternoon my spring break begins!

My county is one of the last to have spring break in my state; almost every other high school has already had theirs'. This means two things.

One. Not many other people are going to be on spring break so I probably won't have a lot to do, but this leads us into number two.

Two. Epic amounts of reading will be done over the next ten days. Epic. Amounts.

But of course school will also be a dreadful part of my spring break. This post is going up before school so I don't know yet if I'll have massive amounts of homework, but I do know that I have AP exams the week after (or is it two week after?) spring break. This means that my reading time will most likely be limited due to the massive amounts of studying that needs to be done.

Notice I have both massive amounts of reading and massive amounts of studying to get done. So while I'm optimistic about getting both massive amounts completed, studying will rule supreme.

This doesn't mean that I'm not going to read, however, because I will. I've gone 13 weeks without a break or holiday so I plan on using this one to get at least a few book read.

I just realized that that last line might have sounded a tad bit whiny, but alas I did not mean it so. That was simply the result of me writing this post late into the night.

So now you know of both my freedom and my plans to use that freedom. I hope everyone else either already had a good spring break or is on their way to having a good spring break.

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