Friday, April 8, 2011

My bad book habits

I realized that I have some exceptionally bad habits when it comes to books. What do I do that's so bad, you ask? Well let's see.

  1. Dog earing pages. I have gotten increasingly better at this. I hate to see the pages of my books all torn and bent, so I've trained myself to either use a book mark or remember what page I'm on.
  2. Not finishing books. This usually applies to books I get at the library. I'm a mood reader so when I'm looking for a book at the store or library I might really want to read it when I'm looking at it. But somewhere between buying/checking out the book my mood for it dies and I forget about it and it ends up in the sad pile of forgotten books on my shelf :(
  3. Leaving dust jackets on the floor to get trampled and crushed. I hate reading hardcover books with the dust jacket on so I take it off and either put it on my bookshelf or on my bedside table. this usually leads to it falling on the floor and thus getting trampled and torn. I need to start either putting it on top of my shelves or remembering to put it back on the book when I finish it.
  4. Skipping to the end. I'm ashamed to say it, but I do sometimes skip to the end of a book and see how it ends. I blame my pitiful will power for this. It's in a boring/slow or really tension filled point in the book that I simply can't take it and I must know what happens. I have been getting better at this and I see a big difference in my enjoyment of a book if I wait for the end, but my will power is still weak. CURSE YOU WILL POWER!
  5. Bending the spines on paperbacks. This isn't really something I worry about that much. It's more of an annoyance because I like for all of my books to look pretty on my bookshelves.
So now you know a few of my shameful dirty little secrets when it comes to things I do to my books. How about you guys? Do you all harbor any bad book habits?


Cheree said...

I can relate. I'm bad at bending the spine on the paperbacks, but I've also picked up the bad habbit of skimming so that I don't leave books unfinished.

Queen N said...

Yay- Finally, I think I've found my reading-twin in you. I'm notorious of dog-earing, breaking spines and I ALWAYS read the last page first. Yes, I'm guilty. Funny that we had the same *ideas* of blog-posts at around the same time. I wrote about this topic a few weeks back (here:
I got some really nasty comments ( I didn't publish them, yes, I'm chicken that way)..
But reading is all about the experience not about how the books look, isn't it? One can recognize a good books in my room simply by looking at it. It's worn, it's yellow, it's well-read!

Jenn said...

I'm completely guilty of not finishing books for the same reasons. I recently did a little inventory and realized that I own quite a few books that I've never read. The only habit I have that's worse is buying new books anyway!

Thanks for your post.

We Heart YA said...

I'm working on the not-finishing one... I mean, if I really don't like a book, I don't want to waste my time pushing through it. There are too many other books out there, you know? But sometimes a book is slow and yet still good, and those are the ones I want to stay committed to.

I don't know how you can skip to the end though!! Doesn't that ruin all the fun?


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