Sunday, May 29, 2011

Almost Done

There's only one week of school left. YAY! This is both good and bad. Next week is only exams which means lots and lots of hectic studying. Because I'm so unorganized I'm behind on my reading and reviews. I planned to have reviews scheduled for exam week, but my studying has caused me to not read the books I was going to schedule reviews for. This is a vicious cycle my friends.

I've decided that I need to pay more attention to school than my blog (sad face) so I may be scarce this week, but June 3 at 12:05 my summer reading will begin!

So fear not my wonderful readers, Kathryn will be back in about a week (if not sooner). I realize I just referred to myself in the third person. See what lots of studying does?

1 comment:

kapri said...

Good luck with your finals! Can't wait to have you back.


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