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Mercy by Rebecca Lim

Title: Mercy
Author: Rebecca Lim
Published: May 17, 2011 by Hyperion
Pages: 288/Hardcover
Series: Mercy #1
Challenge: 2011 Debut Author Challenge 
Source: Netaglley and Publisher

Summary: A fallen angel haunted by her past. Yearning for her immortal beloved. Forever searching for answers. Who will show her Mercy? 

Mercy has lost herself. She can’t count how many times she’s “woken up” in a new body, and assumed a new life, only to move on again and again. During the day she survives in the human world on instinct and at night her dreams are haunted by him. Mercy’s heart would know him anywhere. But her memory refuses to cooperate. 

But this time is different. When Mercy wakes up she meets Ryan, an eighteen year old reeling from the loss of his twin sister who was kidnapped two years ago. Everyone else has given up hope, but Ryan believes his sister is still alive. Using a power she doesn’t fully comprehend, Mercy realizes that Ryan is right. His sister is alive and together they can find her. For the first time since she can remember, Mercy has a purpose; she can help. So she doesn’t understand why the man in her dreams cautions her not to interfere. But as Ryan and Mercy come closer to solving the dark mystery of his sister’s disappearance, danger looms just one step behind. 

Will Mercy be able to harness her true self and extraordinary power in time? 

The first in a dazzling new series, Mercy masterfully weaves romance, mystery and the supernatural into a spell-binding tale.

Review: What an awesome book! It had a bit of everything to it. It had angels (I'm guessing since it never really said what Mercy was), a mystery, and a bit of romance.

I though it was very interesting to see Mercy as she saw herself. Since she's stuck in Carmen's body you never really get a picture of what Mercy looks like, just Carmen, so I mainly relied on how she acted to see who she was, and boy did I like her character. Mercy was one of those self confident spunky girls who I just love to see in books. I could tell from the very first thing she said to Ryan that she was going to be one of those girls.

The plot of the book didn't really develop until the end. I knew from the beginning that Mercy and Ryan were trying to find Lauren, but there was a lot of other things going on so It felt like it didn't come to a head until the end. 

There's still a lot I don't know about Luc and "The Eight" and I was a little perplexed as to why that wasn't discussed more in the book. Because it seemed like a lot of the book was Mercy trying to figure out who (or what) she was and what she did in her past that lead to her present. However, I'm pretty sure that these things will be further investigated in the sequel.

I like any kind of romance really, but I especially like it when the relationship naturally evolves. Like with Ryan and Mercy. At first Ryan didn't even like Mercy that much, but they spent a lot of time together trying to find Lauren and they got to know each other. They never really became a couple, but I'm pretty sure we'll be seeing them together again in future books!

That ending. It killed me. That ending is a perfect example of a cliff hanger. I'm not sure when the sequel comes out in America, but trust me when I say I will be getting it. I can't read a book as good as Mercy can not just end like that and then  just not read the sequel, especially is it has an ending like that!

Suffice to say this was a wonderful book. It had a bunch of elements and different genres to it that meshed together really well. It had an engaging mystery and interesting characters that were fun and easy to read. If you haven't already I would definitely suggest looking into reading Mercy.

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Great review! I got this from NetGalley, but I'm not sure if it's really my thing.


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