Monday, May 16, 2011

Cover War: Mercy

Cover War is something I decided to start doing after seeing different covers for the same book. I realized that I liked some covers better than others. For example one book might have a different cover for its US and UK copies. I thought making this "Cover War" feature would be a fun way of showing the different covers and why I like one more than the other.

I probably won't have a Cover War for each book that has a different cover. This will most likely only be a sporadic post for "special" covers or books.

Today's Cover War is between the UK Paperback and Australian Paperback cover of Mercy by Rebecca Lim. I would usually do a Cover War between an foreign cover and an American cover, but I really don't like Mercy's American cover at all. The UK Paperback is to the left and the Australian Paperback is to the right.

The winner of this Cover War is the UK Paperback cover! I don't think either cover really captures what the book's about, but I do like that they both have some color in them instead of being black or dark and melancholy. I think the UK Paperback seems almost graceful, and it's very eye catching!

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