Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Blogging Resolutions

The past few months have been awesome as far as blogging. I've learned so much and met a bunch of really cool people. I hope that 2011 brings more wonderful tips and people. I have made some blogging resolutions to help me become a better blogger and reviewer.

  1. Post Everyday. I've been pretty good about this, but sometimes school gets in the way. I'm going to try to either write posts and schedule them or stay on top of daily posting.
  2. Writing Reviews. Seeing as how I've only been blogging a few months I don't expect my reviews to be the best out there. That being said I'm going to continue writing my reviews and will hopefully progress in writing them. There is always room for improvement.
  3. Read More! I reached my goal of at least 100 books in 2010, but I would love to read 150 in 2011.
  4. Become More Involved in the Blogoshpere. I know this has a lot to due with the people you know and that has to do with how long you've been blogging. That being said I'm really going to try and reach out to other bloggers by way of contests, giveaways, memes, etc. 
That about covers everything I hope to accomplish in 2011! I hope everyone has a wonderful new year and accomplishes their own goals. 

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